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Quotes by BlackAndWhite123

                 I'm going to school
                 With no makeup on

Me: I think I'll do something porductive today
Facebook: Oh look, a notification
Tumblr: But your Dash... it's filling up
Witty Profiles: The top quotes are yet to be read
Youtube: You know that Youtuber you love? Well you've only watched his newest video ten times...
Me: Why do I let this happen!?
*watching Olympics*

Normal People:
Oh, what a fascinating sport!
Normal People: GO TEAM GB
Normal People: I seriously think that *insert Olympian's name here* could have done better
Me: Ooh, he's

               I think to myself           "I could get any guy I wanted"
               I then think to myself    "if I were attractive"

G   U   Y   S

We've just finished with One Direction,

please don't tell me we're about to start arguing about homosexual marriage?

It says in the Bible to "Love Thy Neighbour"
But what if your neighbour is a Homosexual?

Ha! Didn't think about that, did you, "God"!?

Not hating or being anti-Christian or whatever, just expressing my opinion

Things to smile about:
Waking up too early and still having hours to sleep
Having a moment with him
Finishing a MASSIVE piece of homework
Reading or watching something hilarious on the internet
Listening to your favourite song
Spending your whole day with your best friend
Doing something you love
Getting a hug
Someone telling you that they love you
Laughing so hard you're in pain
Mastering the art of something insignificant (eg. using a yoyo)
Spending hours on the phone with someone
Remembering a great memory

format by sandrasaurus

 * I n   M a t h s *

Maths Question: Muhammad buys 52 melons, and gives 5 to Cecelia, 3 to 
                               Jamie-Alice and 38 to Pocahontas, how many melons 
                               does he have left to give to his Mother?
Maths Question:
Maths Question:
Maths Question:
Maths Question: what


           T h a t   A w k w a r d   M o m e n t  W  h e n
                               Your "push-up" bras give you
                                             About as much stability as the
                                              Leaning Tower of Pisa

     *  f a v i n g  *     
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