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Hello Beautiful(: So let me take a moment, or you take a moment, to read this. You ar perfect. Amazing. Beautiful. Intelligent. Perfectly sized. Awesome, like a ninja. You're like a sunset, a walk to the fridge. I mean the beach. I mean a walk on the beach. Your smile is beautiful, I want to see it more often. Don't listen to people who put you down, and it's practically impossible, because your ears really pick up any noise directed to you... well don't believe them. You see the person that you know is going to hurt you? Put inyour headphones, turn on the most inpiring music you have, blast it, and ignore them. Show them that they're not worht your time of feelings. If you ever, and I mean EVER, need to talk, I am here for you. I suck at giving advice, but I'll listen. You're not alone, thousands of people have gone through sucky stuff too. And don't forget this, I love you. And those people that try to put you down are just jealous of your awesomeness. ♥

The sky is the limit, but you're my star

Hello wonderful gorgeous beautiful sweet person :) I'm Taylor
I love music. Music is me. I am music. We are one.
I love Sherlock, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Divergent, etc etc. 
I'm very  a tad messed up in the noggin, I admit.

If you say

Guess what?

I will always always say (unless it sounds serious)


I love you, stay strong. <3 xx





Go follow StyllLovesYou! She's one of the most amazing, beautiful, sweetest, perfectest people I know <3

Just_A_Little_Too_Addicted: perfection. beautiful. I love her. Go follow her. She's wonderful (: <33

you're beautiful 

also fu//ck you john Green and veronica roth you ruined my life with your beautiful books
you made me cry