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Quotes by BlondieBooJayy

every choice
you make 

your future.


I'm starting to wonder  how much 
one heart can take

love is a wondeful thing
and it doesn't knock much
so when it does  be sure 
to open the door
the bad guys lie to 

get into your bed

and the good guys lie to 

get into your heart 


I  wanted  you  to  fight  for  me.
I wanted you to say there's no one else you could ever be with
and that you'd rather be alone

than without me </3
Sometimes  my  heart  aches
at how my life has turned out,
in a good way ♥ 

what girls want

someone to make them laugh, someone that you have things in common with, someone to kiss  in the rain,  let's you play with their hair, takes you on the date you've always wanted, someone good with kids, etc.

reality: sombody to want them back


thats what I'm afraid of

not being enough 

not  good enough

smart enough

pretty enough

But, it never seemed like you missed me, and I guess because of it I stopped missing you 

-Brooke Davis
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I liked it better when you were a guy I thought I could count on

-Brooke Davis