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Quotes by BlondieBooJayy

W h e n  i s  t h e  b e s t  t i m e  t o  t e l l  s o m e o n e  y o u  l o v e  t h e m ?
B e f o r e  s o m o n e  e l s e  d o e s .


Look  fothgirl 
with a  broken  smile and ask her if she wants to stay  awhile                 [  ]  [ ♥ ]  [ ♥ ]

 ~  when I told you that this was goodbye  ~
//// You  were  begging  me  not  tonight ,  not  here  not  now
And     keep     pretending     the     sun     will      not     rise       \
//// We'll be together for one more night, somewhere, somehow

I loved you more than I ever thought I could love anybody. Maybe that was the problem

you don't give up on the people you love

 -gossip girl



Sometimes you need to step outside,
get some air and remind yourself
who you are and where you want to be

-Gossip girl.


 People aren't dolls, you can just play with them and put them back in the box when your done.
-Pretty Little Liars♥

mentally responding to a text
but then forgetting to reply

basically me at school all day:
i hate all of you
me: stop screaming you saw your friend yesterday
me: holy crap walk faster
me: maybe if i hit my head on my desk enough times i'll die
me: get smarter you idiot


I love ho

whenever you delete an app on your iphone, 
all the other apps get scared 
and start shaking

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