Status: Power is being told you are not loved- and not being destroyed by it.
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Call me Ellieson.
My birthday is on June 2nd.
I love France and french songs, but beside that I listen Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, 1D, The Fray, Alicia Keys, TFC, All Time Low and Adam Lambert.
My role models are Marilyn Monroe and Miranda Kerr.
My favourite colour is pink, but I love the way red, black and white look together.
I watch The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Grey's Anatomy and I adore Desperate Housewifes.
My favourite movies are "Life or Something Like it" and "Devil Wears Prada".
Actors I think are amazing - Angelina Jolie, Rachael McAdams, Jenifer Aniston Kheegan Allen, Simon Baker, Halle Berry, Ian Somerhalder and Ed Westwick, but my one and only love is Joseph Morgan.
I am perfectionst and I love to paint and draw.
Feel free to talk to me or just read some of my quotes and find out more ♥

Quotes by BlueEyedNobody

You will trip on the pieces of the hearts you shattered.
If it wasn't sad it would be funny... but the only thing I love more than food is hunger.


I'm just the kind of tired
that won't go away.

I just wish we were


while we were


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or the bread industry is doomed.


I'm the kind of person that could be lying half dead with ten bullets in my chest
and spend my last breath insisting that I'm fine.

" They want you to be good- as long as you aren't better than them."

They once asked me

how come I've lost so much weight.

" Everytime you bullied me I ran as long as I wanted to kill myself." ,I said




You're playing with fire.

Liiya Formats
I haven't been on Witty for a while so, when
I posted a hilarious, smart, amazing quote when I got back 
and got only 20 faves
I was like, " What the actual fairy dust?"

But now I realize, 20 faves is like a lot now.

I'm like famous now.

I'm like the new Aristotle or somethin'.