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Be the love you never received. 

Quotes by *brianna*

People always apologize for being a mess, but I
think there are good kinds of messy. Messy
lipstick from sloppy kisses, messy hair from
careless fingers, messy laughs from awkward
moments, messy hearts from complicated lives.
People get tangled and it's always messy, 
but it's so very beautiful.
She was messy; her clothes weren't perfect, her 
room wasn't perfect, all of her, down to her soul,
even that was messy. But it was a messy I could 
handle even when I couldn't handle my own.

-excerpt from a book // messy love
to the girl who kisses chins instead of lips:

i've fallen for you harder than i've fallen for anyone else.
i used to think i wasn't addicted to anything, but my god, i'm addicted to you.
your eyes have a way of melting me, even on the coldest of days.
the way your lips feel pressed against mine makes me feel like everything is as it should be.
i am in love with you, and the way you kiss chins instead of lips.
i was so sad and angry and tired and all i wanted was to be held but there was nothing but silence and four walls staring at me begrudgingly, saying "it shouldn't be like this, you didn't plan it like this, did you?" and i wanted to crawl into a hole but the floor was too cold so i stayed under the covers and dreamed that i was somewhere warm where none of my problems existed and it was like this that i finally learned how to survive on my own.
"i know you love me," she said
"i know that, but that doesn't override the fact
thst i'm not good enough for you. and i'm not mad at all. i should be, but i'm not. i should be, but i'm not. i don't feel anger, just pain, a lot of pain. you know, you think you can handle it.. you know it's gonna hurt when it's over and you think you're prepared for it but i swear to god nothing prepares y9u for just how much your heart aches in their absence and how you can't sleep because your brain won't turn off, inatead you're kept awake doing nothing but thinking of the colour of their eyes. you think you can cope, but the cold hard truth is, you're wrong. you fall apart and there's nothing you can do to stop that."
-excerpt of a book i'll never write
sometimes i wonder
whether or not i'll
get bad again. and
whether or not i'll
get better again.
i'm trying to be brave
'cause when i'm brave,
other people feel brave.
but i feel like
my heart is caving in.
all the hardest, coldest,
people you will ever meet
were once soft as water.
and that's the tragedy
of living.
burn your tongue on a cup of tea.
eat too much chocolate. cry for a
few hours, or cry for a few days. it's
okay to make mistakes and it's okay
to not be okay; you will always
learn how to heal.
11:57 PM
i'm finding old photos of us. my heart hurts and i don't know if i should keep going or if i should delete them.
11:58 PM
nostalgia. that's all i feel right now. do i miss you or do i miss the memory of you? i guess i miss the thought of us.
11:59 PM
i knew i said i wouldn't talk to you again, but i'm missing you more than ever.
12:00 AM
the tears are streaming down my face.
i could text you, call you, but you wouldn't answer. you're gone. i miss you.
12:01 AM
i think i'm breaking more and more. missing you
hurts so much. i don't know how to get it to stop.

- things i'll never tell you

listen, if you're going to leave, that's fine. and i know you promised you wouldn't seven
months ago while i was crying
into your neck but i also know that
sometimes it rains when even when it's not
supposed to and sometimes boys kiss girls they shouldn't and we tear flowers out of the ground just to watch them die and things change, so i understand if you're done, but please, when you're packing all your old sweaters and books, don't forget to take your three AM phone calls, and photographs where we're smiling so wide it looks like we've never known that feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone screams "i don't love you anymore."
take back every kiss, every night you fell asleep
next to me, every poem i wrote you, every song
you sang to me, every "i love you more" fight,
every shock i felt in my skin when you brushed against me. i was never scared of ghosts until you
left, but now i see you everywhere and god if you're going to kill me, please just do it quickly  because i see you in everything and it's making it hard to breathe.
-i won't say i miss you but i think my mother knows anyway