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i'm alex. i'm 16 years old, and the entire cat population is my bestfriend.
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Quotes by Boink_Tastic

It's alright to feel helpless sometimes,
as long as you know you are loved.

"You don't look depressed though."
Oh yeah sorry, I forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today.

I should've loved you when I had the chance. //////

I heard a song today that reminded me of you.
And I cried.

It's hard being addicted to hurting yourself.

i might not know how to flirt but I do know how to make everyone uncomfortable in 3 seconds flat which i consider to be more valuable in the long run anyway

mom: go do this thing
me: dobby is a free elf now, dobby has no master.
If a person is sad,
 why the hell would  
   you get angry at them?

“If you cut yourself, if you hate yourself, if you eat, if you don’t eat. If your parents split up, if your parents hit you, if your mom tells you you’re a piece of trash. If you got in a car crash and half you face is gone— wake up in the morning and give yourself a chance. Do it. Not for music, not for any other reason than the fact that you’re alive and you were given the grace to wake up another day. So do it, man. Just freaking get out there and try.”
 -Aaron Gillespie
I'm nothing but a