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But you are perfect to me

Quotes by Born2BeWild

Seeing your ex with someone uglier than you = awesome.

It really hurts

when you fall in love with someone over the internet.
then one day they're gone, they've left.
it feels like someones ripped your heart out.
you wait, praying, hoping that maybe they'll come back.
you go on like nothings happened.
you act strong, you pretend to be brave, you put a smile on your face but behind it all your dieing.
you eyes hurt from crying yourself to sleep everynight.
the smile that you had on your face all day fades away.
the mascara you spent ages perfecting gets ruined by the endless tears you cry.
you feel alone, useless, weak and all you want to do is hide away and cry.


Mirror: Ooh, you look cute today!

Camera: Lol, no.


You DON'T have to be skinny to be



Test bath water with hand, perfect temerature.

Put foot in bath, burn to death.

I dont hate you.

I've just lost all my
respect for you.

Dont judge my choices if you

dont understand my reasons.

Crying yourself to sleep at night..

and then waking up and acting like nothing happened

Insecurity will

destroy you.