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The spaces between my fingers are right
where yours fit perfectly


Owl city baby <3

Vicky here :)
I love my frinedds. me and my bitches break necks<3
I love Ke$ha,owl city, 30H!3,jb <3
Ask for aim.

I get so high when your with me but crash and crave you when you leave


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I am the girl. You are the boy. 
i f y o u d o n t t e x t m e f i r s t , t h e n
we are not talking today.

not mine but loove itt (:
faav .. commeent .. whaateveer ♥
It doesn't even seem like
she likes him anymore;;and i know he deserves better
. . . . . . than that . . . . . .
Across  The  Universe <3
s o w h a t i f ;
you're a player. so what if i know you will break up with me eventually. so what if you've been with a ton of girls. so what if i'm going to get hurt in the end. so what if you won't ever love me as much as i love you. so what if we don't know how long this will last. so what if i am wearing my heart on my sleeve. so what if i am completely at risk of heartbreak in this situation. i love you, and everything is worth risking. the rush of being with you, when we touch, when you smile at me, when you laugh; everything about you gives me butterflies. you only get one life, and you'll only regret relationships that never happened ... so what the hell? baby,
 y o u ' r s i m p l y w o r t h i t.
there is nothing pretty
            [       a       b       o       u       t     ]
s  k  i  n   &   b  o  n  e  s
  [  YOU   NEED   TO   HAVE   A   LIL  ]

 Im pieces,
baby fix me,
and you shake me till
you wake me from this
bad dream

                                                     & i know i could
never replace you.
You are the reason why i can't fall asleep tonight.
You keep me up, thinking about all of the
No's and the Sorry's,
You are the reason why i can't fall asleep tonight.
You keep me up, thinking about Maybe's and Possibly's, the what if's,
what if... you said ...

mine jocking..thnx<3

You Turn My World

ǝpIsdn uʍop