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Mah Name is Kici.....Call meh Babii Kici or w/e...LoL...Um...i LUV DANCING! I Dance @ Tricia Sloan Dance Center in Wenonah Nj. I live In Swedesboro Nj... and I'm in 7th grade....I luv all mah friends....i gotz a lot...but i juss wanna shout out to mah 2 main gurlies...Dani n CC...i Luv u guyz SO MUCH!!! Bri Babe- I miss yooou too! Best be cuming 2 visit meh soon! LoL I dunno what I would be w/out yah gurlies~! Luv yah Lotz Babes!...n/e thing else u wanna know juss IM meh....or e-mail meh @ Thnx ya'll!! Much LuVv! --BaBi KiCi--

Quotes by BrOkEnHaLox0x

Live Life 2 the FULLEST
Cuz yah NeVa KnOW
When there's a ToMoRrOw


--BaBi KiCi--
Half Of MaH HaRt Is StIll StUCk On
thE OtHeR hAlF On
WiThOuT BrAkInG MuH HeArt..
hOw Do i FiNd OuT

.`* .*)
(_.* .*
-::- *(`v)* -::-
-::- * `v * -::-
*_I lUv hIm*_

I want U in my life
( Y )( Y )
(' ,,)(,,*)
I alwayz think of y0u

--BaBi KiCi--
*If The Only Possible Way We Can Be Together Is In My Dreams...Then I'll Sleep Forever*

(`.) (`.)
`. (`.).
< - - - `.. - - - >
CrUsHiN oN yOu, BoI!

o .Crush on you. o
o .im goin crazy. o
o .Just wishin i could be. o
o .Your baby. o

WhY CaNt u See
THaT u WeRe MeaNT FoR Me
i See iT oH So CLeaRLy
i ReaLLy Do luV yA DeaRLy

--BaBi KiCi--
BaBy i neEd yOu yOu dOn`t haVe a cLuE
eveRythinG i thiNk of revOlveS arOund yOu

..* I love you more than you will ever know,
but its just hard to let it show*..

--BaBi KiCi--
-iF ThErE's SoMeOnE u rEaLLy WaNnA bE WiTh-
*ThEy'Re WoRtH wAiTiNg FoR*

:: pLeAsE CaTcH Me ::
:: I'm FaLLiN' 4 YoU ::

i'Ve FiNaLLY ReALiZeD uR mY tRuE LoVe
AnD iVe hAd a LoT of TiMe tO tHiNk aBoUt iT
BuT uR tHe oNLy tHiNg i ThInK oF

There's 3...LoL

--BaBi KiCi--

I WaNnA Be ThE OnE HeS cHiLLiN WiTh n
-->*HuGGiN n KiSsIn*
WhEn We AiNt ToGeThEr I WaNnA Be ThE OnE HeS GoNnA Be

--BaBi KiCi--

S/n BrOkEnHaLox0x
.aLl I Do.. ..IS tHiNk..
..oF YoU CuZ ThE FeELiNgs..
.I HaVe ArE sO vErY trUe.
.EaCh dAy I wAiT tIlL wHeN.
..i CaN tElL u ThAt I..
..LoVe YoU CuZ..
..BaBy iTs aLl..
.. yEw ..

it's supposed 2 be a heart....LoL

--BaBi KiCi--

IM meh! BrOkEnHaLox0x