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love was when i loved you ♥

Quotes by BrOkeNx3eD

&& she may be confused
about a lot of things but she
knows the only time she was
really happy was when
she was with him

liness up in franklin gothic
she searched through the whole dictionary and couldn't find one word to explain how she feels about
l o s i n g y o u ..
love is like a puzzle.. you spend all of your time looking for one peice to fit.. and sometimes you try to make a peice fit by putting it were its not meant to be.. but eventualy it wont be right.. but when two peices fit together. its perfect
I can't sleep at night thinking of you I can't listen in class day dreamin about you I can't explain how much I love you bc there are no words good enough I can't care about anything else when I'm kissing you, bc I'm in love

old but wth i wrote it... and i miss him :\
This Picture Reminds me;;Of those Good Old Days
Its Bringing Back Your Smile
Your Laugh
It Reminds Me Of the Man I Fell [[In Love]] With
And the Man Who Loved Me / And Broke My Heart<|3
No words can explain how I miss you.
My feelings for you havent changed /
Your still my baby ; Your still the love of my life
but only in my mind.. <|3
I cant take this anymore
Its been hidden in me too long
I Love you!
I still love you..
I've been afraid of you since you left me
What would you say if I told you.. that I still love you.
I would do anything; I would cross the world
to have you back beside me
And here I am crying my heart out
why did you leave me
why couldnt you just stay
because my world is nothing
with out you ; and idk what to do.
One Last kiss;Seal our destiny
because we were meant to be. <|3
because I promised you i would<|3

i have editts duhh !

dont take credditt ;; alll mine
we would sit and talk for hours about anythingg
baby you hang up; no you hang up ; on three
-ยป h a n g u p
" wherever you go..whatever you
see. I will always be with you "
Tristan & Isolde <33

as always i have edits