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hey peeps! well..wut is there to say about me..I have TONS of friends..and i lovee to dance and do gymnastics..and that is pretty much it..haha i hope u all like my quotes! Mary--

Quotes by BrUnEtTe_BaBe_x3

I smile like it's all ok..
but on the inside i'm crying..--</3
if u think gymnastics isn't a sport...
lemme see u do the splitz--
breath in...
breath out...
everything will be a l r i g h t..
it takes u a second to like someone..
a day to love someone..
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone..--<33
when life gives you lemons...
stuff them in your b.r.a---<33
I'll keep u my DiRtY LiTtLe SeCrEt...
don't tell or one night you'll be just another ReGrEt..
who has to know??
&& when u get the choice..
to sit it out or dance..
I hope u DaNcE...
I hope u DaNcE...<33
ShAkE ThAt LaFfY TaFfY
ShAkE ThAt LaFfY TaFfY GiRl...
if theres somethign your neighboorhood...
who ya gonna call???
No body gonna love me b.e.t.t.e.r
i'm gonna stick wit u ((forever))
no body gonna take me h i g h e r
i must sick wit u.. <33