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Name's Breanna; But I'm sure you can tell by my username. Lol.
I'm seventeen until the fifth of November, and I'm a Senior in high school.
Re-reading what my old 'about me' used to be, I realize how much I've really changed.
I'm no longer this carefree person, and I'm not as sociable as I used to be because I just know that everyone changes, and that not everyone is on my level.
I don't trust many people. Actually, not even half of a handful. And how sad of a life that is.
I would love to meet every one of you. I'm probably just too much of an awkward turtle to do such a thing.

Quotes by Breannnnnanichole

&Sometimes, I

just miss you.

He's shown me what it's like
To be happy again . .

You deserve so much better than me.
&You deserve so much more than I can give you.

Honestly, I just wish I could be
all that you need me to be.

Mais que sera, sera.

I just wanted to be yours;
I wanted to be important to you.

Go ahead and tell me I'm wrong.
I know I'm not.

You're never around when    I    need you the most.

I need make up to feel pretty.


I was in 8th grade, and at our middle school, the best time of the day was break. It was a ten minute interval between fifth and sixth periods where everyone could just chill and hang out.
So one day, my social studies teacher missed. We had this sub, she was this crazy old lady. I forget what her name was. I don't know whose idea it was to do this, but someone threw an opened tampon in the middle of the floor. It wasn't used or anything, lol. So this old teacher lady like falls off her rocker. She's kicking the tampon around as if she'd never seen one before, like it was the scum of the earth; kind of like how a kitten plays with small objects. She was yelling, completely indulged in Freak-Out mode. She grabbed a napkin and picked up the tampon, dropped it in the trash can, tied the trash bag even though the tampon was the only content. She called the school janitor for new trash bags, and then the principal to punish us. Lolol, we lost our break for an entire week.

Over a tampon.