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I'm me, but I really wish I wasn't.

Quotes by BreatheInBreatheOut

I miss you.
I can feel you forget me,
Like I used to feel the heat of your body next to mine
I stare into the lonely silence
Like I used to stare into your eyes
Those beautiful eyes
I miss you.
I remember everything
The flirtatious conversations
The playful insults
I remember everything you ever said
All the inside jokes
Even the ones that I’m sure you don’t
I remember your arms around me
Making me safe for once in my life
The way you were the one thing I could hold on to
You were my reason to be me
To live
And now you’re gone
I miss you.
And I don’t know what to do anymore.
By this time tomorrow I may not be here.
I just want you know one thing
The only thing that I know anymore
It’s that,
simply that
I love you

You make me feel
w     o    r     t    h    l    e    s    s             

& if you can’t decide about something flip a coin
Not because it solves the problem.
But because the moment it is in the air you are hoping for something.
And that is what you truly want.

&I just want to say...
Plain and Simple.

One things true,
There’s always a brand new day. ♥

You know fairytales
don’t come true

No, not when it come to me and you.

{All I wanted was you}

Something keeps pulling us back together.

The worst part?
I still love you.

You always forgive your
First love.