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I'm me, but I really wish I wasn't.

Quotes by BreatheInBreatheOut

I miss having you in my life.
Can we start over?

So Just Catch Me

Sometimes all you can do...
Is remember to breathe.

Every time I  see  you
I fall all over again.


Just one question...

How am I supposed to ever get over you?

I didn’t run away from you
I walked. Hoping with each step you would call my name and stop me.

I Wish I Could go back

to when LOVE was just a four letter word.

I Need  You
To hold me and be by my side. 
  Not break my heart and make me cry.

All my faith in you, isn’t in vain.

One day a man jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.


When the police went searching through his house afterward,
they found a note, It read:

"Today I will walk to the bridge. If anyone smiles at me, I won't jump."

I make a point to smile at everyone now.

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