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Guess who just found her old account...
I'm officially on a poetry website!
Right where I belong :)
Go find me on:
under the pen name:
Jenn Parker

Thanks so much !
Stay beautiful~

I searched the globe in search of you,
Your time is now up...
Your time is now through.
Hair as black as night,
Eyes deep as the sea,
I will fill your dreams with fright,
Giving only seconds to flee.
So run run,
As fast as you can.
I will catch you,
I know that I can.
I carry not one,
But two deadly knives,
I sharpen them both,
For when I take lives.
I'm sick of you mortals,
All "fancy" and "cool",
Well I'm the knew boss here,
I'm meant to rule.
Killed by a fire,
Death really reeks,
The killer's a liar,
Now guess who's the freak?
Glasgow smille,
from ear to ear,
I'm what nightmares are made of,
I'm truly the worst fear.
Hunt in the darkness,
Like a jaguar,
Sleep heavy, fool...
It'll take me quite far.
You can try to run,
You can try to hide,
But my blade will find you,
Skin and steel collide.
My name is Jeff The Killer,
I'm scarred without a doubt,
But you know when I'm coming,
"Cuz people often shout.
"Jeff, Jeff,
Has struck again!
Will this madness ever end?
Jeff The Killer is awaiting us now,
Lock your doors, pray and bow!"
And when you're in bed,
To hear not a peep,
You better start running if you hear:
Go To Sleep.


guyssss ♥
he asked me out (:

...JK he called me a b/tch xP
Is love really just an emotion?
Just somthing we know,
Or does it cause heart erosion,
Too obvious to show?
It is when one feels for another more than the rest,
A deep passion or them alone...
They, so called, "pass the test",
They turn your brain into a broken down drone.
You cannot express to them how you feel,
It's hidden inside a cage...
But if somebody else tells them what is real,
It's an automatic fit of rage.
You smile at their texts,
Even the worst mood can dissappear...
They fix all of your broken train wrecks,
And they always stay sincere.
You want to ask them about the arts,
Without dropping dead....
You want them always in your heart...
Not in your bed.
You think about them all day,
They are a constant thought,
Hoping you don't scare them away,
Because their approval is all thy ever sought.
The day you met you remember,
What they said to you...
But th past is the past, however,
Have they changed anew?
You ask thm out of honesty,
"Do you like me?"
They stare at you unbelievably,
Shocked by he words on the person they see.
"Yes," They say shyly.
Looking up at you,
You know they liked you blindy,
You know what to do.
You ask them out on a date,
Nearly pass out then...
They respond a simple, "Yes,"
And suddenly you are th pen.
Writing Writing a love story so unique,
Fine and original...
Some people may read it and weep,
And weep from happiness they shall.
So is love just an emotion?
No, love is something more...
It's the stirring of crazy sorts of notions,
And mass romance galore♥
Plot twist: Somebody finds me attractive.

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  If you want something,
reach for it.
Don't hide in the shadows. I did.....
church people: God loves everyone!
me: okay.

church people: gays aren't allowed in the church; that's a sin against God.
me: wut.

"Wow, your pretty!"
You spelled ugly wrong.

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