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My freshman year science teacher added
me on Facebook. It's finlly offical, I'm out of high school and an adult.


everyone's always excited to get thier license.
and then there's me who has been driving for three years and had my license for two years and i'm like noOOOooOoOo take it away so i don't have to drive anyone around anymore

You know what I hate about books and movies?

They make it seem like there's always going to be a happy ending.

But in real life, happy endings don't always exist.

i can guarantee you that the only part of
college i will enjoy is walking out of my dorm and seeing hot guys also come out of their dorm just in their boxers, about to take a shower, or just getting out of the shower.


because i'm nothing special

not beautiful
not talented
not funny
not smart

i'm just an average girl
destined for an average life
for meaningless experiences
and dismal opportunities
and big dream
and unimportant death

and that scares me

a lot


i can't
believe some boys have the nerve to be hot around me



f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5 n m q!

*Someone takes off their glasses* 
Everyone within a 5 mile radius: HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP?!

There once was a young girl with blue eyes
Who wore her soft blond hair 
In braided pigtails.

At the age of seven,
She watched her older sister
Stand in front of the mirror with a disgusted face..
Neither of them ate breakfast that morning.

At the age of nine,
She watched her older brother
Make fun of a girl with glasses for reading on the bus..
She went home and hid her glasses and all her books in the attic.

At the age of twelve,
She watched the older girls at school
With straight hair and short skirts
Put makeup on in the bathroom
And discuss how boys would only like you
If you looked perfect, like them..
The next day she arrived with red lips, short shorts and no braided pigtails.

At the age fourteen,
She watched her father hit her mother.
Her mother cried when she saw her standing in the doorway
And told her Daddy didn't mean it..
The next year, she told herself that her boyfriend didn't mean it either.

At the age of nearly 15,
She was paper thin and empty
With straight blond hair, red lips, purple flesh and lifeless blue eyes.
While staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror
She thought to herself,
"At least I'm normal."

let's be friends with benefits.
the benefits? you get to be friends with me.

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