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♥ Sometimes i feel like everything.. and the next second.. back to nothing
Heyy there gorgeous ♥
The names Brianna(:
14 years young,
Freshie this year
Older guys? I think yes ;P
Im from Pennsylvania
and Tumblr(Breezyisalover)
Texxts? If you seem cool
i'll give ya my number. ;P
Get to know my story before
you judge me.
Suicide prevention Hotline:
don't do something you'll regret..
If you ever need to talk about ANYTHING im here for you.. don't be afraid..

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Quotes by Breezyisalover

Before I die.

Graduate highschool. Graduate from college. Go scuba diving. Go to Italy. Make the highschool cheerleading squad. Kiss someone in the rain. Say 'I love you' and mean it. Get out of the hell i call my home town. Be accepted for who i am. Be able to tell people how i really feel. Be more than the popular boys back up. Find true love. Watch The Notebook with my boyfriend. Kiss a complete stranger. Have one whole summer of fun with absolutely no regrets. Publish a book. Have my crush find my witty so he could see how i really feel. Be able to go back in time and change things i've done. Have my gram get rid of her cancer. Have my grnadparents live to see my wedding. Have healthy kids. Have high honors for a whole year. Meet atleast one person from witty in person. Write a song. Accept myself. Get a tattoo. Move to a new state. Kiss someone more than 4 years older than me. Own every color of nail polish. Go through a heart Break. Go skydiving. Go parasailing. Vacation in 5 or more places. Go on a shopping spree. Go on a hunt. Get my first deer. Help someone in need. Save someones life. Go to over 10 parties. Meet people from anther school. Do something I know my parents wouldn't approve of. Date someone over 2 years. Go to a Eagles game. Do something REALLY stupid. Do more than 5 illegal things.

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Anyone have a tumblr??
comment your name(:


I  hate pictures..
On the outside i pretend nothing bothers me..
but I know deep down inside
when people see the picture they're not going
to look at it and say 'wow shes gorgeous'
they are just going to pick out every flaw I have..
Thats how people are anymore..


Sometimes there is no next time..
No time outs.. No second chances..
Sometimes its just now or never..


I never thought i would see the
day i was this unhappy...



Tostitos cheese dip
umm what was i eating before?



For the first time this year I went to school
with my hair in a pony tail and no make up on..
The look on peoples faces... Priceless..
They looked at me like i had just murdered someone..
get over it! Im still the same person as i was with
my hair straightened and make up on..



Circle circle dot dot,I got my cootie shot!

you think that boy is hot?

I think i'd rather not!

am  i the only one who remebers this??



Theres only so much I can take..
Believe it or not i have a breaking point..



That outgoing boy

that seems too love life...

He cuts..

and its all over that

stupid girl that pays no

attention to him..