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hey ladies, the names brendon.
i'm 17.
football, basketball & cheerleader.
no. i'm not gay.
ask for a follow back.

Quotes by Brendon

i haven't found that "perfect girl" yet. i thought i did. but she slipped away. so i just want you all to know, that the greatest things in life

take time.

& Dear girls---

You are the reason we can't go to sleep at night. You are the reason we wear cologne, your the reason we become ourselves
your beautiful.


Yes. i'm a cheerleader. but no. i'm not gay. ;P
Not all cheerleaders are gay. (:

you are all beautiful in your own ways.

each and every one of you.
no matter how big or how small you are.
no matter how smart or how dumb you are.
no matter if your cool or a nerd.

you. are. beautiful.
i mean it.

-not my format-

fave this if you
think your ugly.

i'll write something on your profile to make u smile. ;)

hey ladies. (;