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i love RachelRachelRachel. ;)

Rachel hacking here. (:

Heeey Brett! so i just wanted to let you know how amazing you are. your amazing. seriously. your the sweetest boy i've met. i love how everytime i see you , you give me hugs. i determine everytime. i love how your the boy that sends me text messages in the morning saying " good morning Beautiful :)" they make me smile SO big. 2.2.12. <3 oh hey Brett! guess what? ... Blowmehorn. ;D lool, when you said that the day we went to kings island , you made me litterally die laughing. well, i think this is enough. i love you , Brett c:

~ your girlfriend, Rachel (:

2/2/12. < 3 forever.(:


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shes amazing :)
one month so far.
i love you my gorgeous angel.

i'd give anything.
to keep her happy.

would you guys mind helping me get this on top quote so my girl friend can see it?
it would mean alot. thanks so much :)

 dear Rachel,
where do i start with you? your amazing . your the best girl friend i could ever ask for . your absolutely gorgeous. i've had a crush on you since 6th grade. now, were both in high school. i was waiting to ask you to be mine... but i was scared. i remember when you used to get made fun of by the 8th graders cause you were in 6th grade and they were in 8th. i took up for you, and ever since then you said " thank you" and kissed my cheek . i've liked you ever since. i love holding you, it lets me know your safe. your the best thing that's ever happened to me... Rachel, i wrote this for you because i told you i would show you off to the world... guess what? i am . i'll never hurt you Rahchel.
i love you.

love, Brett. 


im taking my amazing girl friend
to see the vow.

girls who care for us guys. ♥

sometimes i wish girls knew that some guys care. and just because we dont text you first, doesnt mean we dont care.

you guys should go follow iloveyeewx3 !
shes amazing :)

girls who text us guys first.♥ 

just kidding.
is an excuse i use to get out of something i wanted to actaully be said.