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hmmm... i dont really know what to well... Im 16 YAY! lol and i live in Belgium. My hobbies are dancing ( hip-hop and jazz) and horse riding! :o) I listen to all kinds of music, it really depends on my mood... but im usually in a good mood!! =) I like to go down town with my friends, go to the movie with them and just hang around ^_^ Im very outgoing and social but when i meet new people, im very shy BUT once i get to know u and the other person gets to know me, i can be really crazy! =) lol I like to have a laugh and make people smile! :D ( i cant stand it when my friends or other people r :( ). Well, if there is anything else u want to know... just ask me! =) *** l8rz ***

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Be cool
Be sexy
Be creative... Be yourself!!
(i didnt know where to put it, so i put it in the "funny section" =) lol)
The worst thing a boy can do is make a girl fall for him with no intention of catching her...
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