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- Hey There, The Name Is Brianna Annabell Lee ;

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I Got A Job. 

Heres the catch. 

The lasy im working for's son was my first love. We dated for 2 years...

Its gunna be hard. 

WishMeLuck. </3

Ayee Tumblrpeeps., 

Follow Me. && I'll Followw Youu. (:
This is that one guy you like A lot, 
for every fave , he will kiss you 10 times. 


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Dear Spongebob,                   
   You Live in Bikini Bottom. 
Your Boss is Mr.Crabs.
And Your Absorbent.
 After A Little Thought, I'm Starting To Think Your A Tampon. :)
You Can Like More Then     One Person.
But You Can Only Have 
One                 TrueLove;;
   That HeartDropping Moment When;;

 You Cant Find Your Phone, When Its Right In Your Hand...

 Hey Baby 
Play With Me Some More.....
Come On, Who Doesn't Love The "INMYPANTS"       Game?
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