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It’s ridiculous how so much of your future depends on how successful you are as a teenager.

some of the sexiest things about a guy
is the way his voice sounds when he’s tired,
the smirk of satisfactory he gets on his face
when he knows he’s done something good,
and the protective instincts he has
when it comes to his girl.


I think old fashioned is cute. 
 I think kisses on the cheek & forehead, actual dinner dates and asking 
someone out in person is a lot more romantic. I don't think the guy
should always make the first move, but I feel as if it's cuter if the
guy asks out the girl rather than the other way round because it's
been like that for so long. I liked it when the guy actually valued
their girlfriend and called her 'sweetheart' instead of 'babe'. 

I saw this on Tumblr and it made me cry a little...

Hey  Facebook, I had an idea... All those kids in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds at the Batman massacre could use a visit from their hero. I propose we (as in all of Facebook) should make enough noise asking Christian Bale to visit these kids in the hospital dressed in the real Batman outfit.
They need to know Heroes can be real too, not just the bad guys.
Not asking anything fancy from you, if you read this, share it on your wall. If you want to go the extra mile, post it on other sites as well. Show the kids there really are Heroes.

Dear Christian Bale, Please visit the injured children from the movie massacre as Batman, you have the power to be a Hero right now, not a movie Hero, a real life flesh and blood one.

Thank you,

 We were best friends.
You found another stupid b ! tch and you stopped talking to me.
Oh and then I hear all the crap you say behind my back?

oh please.

B i t c h please.
be scared

My  grandmother died  a  few minutes  ago
Rest in peace gram; I hope heaven loves your smile just as much as I did.

I love you.

take out the picture.
blow off the dust.
take off the frame.
it's starting to rust.
remember the times
we had together.
whatever happened to
best friends forever?