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Quotes by BringBaiTheHorizon

im so sorry that i couldnt be the one to help you. i feel like i failed.
I want death, death for my birthday
I want death, death in the worst way
I want death, death for my birthday
Don't get me wrong
'Cause I love life but life has a boyfriend
Bless my soul, I'm out to destroy them
I want death, death for my birthday
For my birthday

i hate everything , everything about myself , i hate talking about it because all my friends are so damn pretty and then there is me , i mean , im jealous of all them , they dont see it , i cant help but to secrtly hate them for it , its starting to overwhelm me , and i dont know what to do, next time i say im thinking , its probably about that...
Some guy : come at me !

Me: i doubt you cant handle all this potatoe.

Him: what?





Me: exactly.
I seriously just dont know anymore.....
please go sign this

Hey Witty...
I am making a bucket list for my psychology class and i think everyone should comment on the quote and say one thing on their bucket list.
I just want to see what people would like to do before they die.

City girls slip and slide, country girls grip and ride.
You only live once so just go f.ucking nuts.

Muah... Go!

Live life hard!

You only get one shot, so shoot!

With every breath you take, you're dying.
With every step we take we're falling apart.
If we only had one chance we'd breathe,
So let's take this chance right now and scream.

You only live one life, for a very short time.
So make every second divine.

R.I.P Mitchell Adam Lucker,
Youre a hero.
I am probably going to get some hate for this but i dont even care.

All of you 1D fans , telling Kenadee, a little 5 year old girl to go kill herself because her father made a mistake and it ended up taking his life? Who do you think you are? You wonder why people hate your fandom? Well maybe its because youre all arogant little p.ricks. I hate all of you. Youre pathetic. Mitch Lucker was an amazing insperational man, and he saved lives, he inspired millions of people to do something. If anyone ever, makes fun of Mitchell Adam Lucker's passing, I will do the lucker stomp on your face. Your fandom, is full of f.cuking little cu.nts. I hate you all.