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Hellooo people of witty <3
*waves* keeping this short and sweet ! umm music is my life without it idk where id be. i have an obsession with cupcakes and skittles.
don't know him? youtube him !
asking alexandria. BMTH. ADTR. Abandon All Ships.The Devil Wears Prada. 
some of my favourite bands

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Kill   For   Change


watch this ^^ it's pretty


 A 15 year old boy from Ottawa Ontario Committed suicide. I've seen posts on his Facebook wall and he was loved by many <3
 I live not to far from Ottawa and this hit me kind of hard even though i didn't know him, but i would have loved to have met him. he seemed to touch every single person in one way or another.
 RIP Jamie Hubley <3 

Gay Bullying has to stop!
   I may look happy, but honestly dear,
the only way I'll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear.
I see the vultures, they watch me bleed.
They lick their lips, as all the shame spills out of me.
Sky Blue ;
Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting,
You and I might just be the best thing.










 starts tomorrow 

 i CAN NOT wait
 woop woop


  I   Said  I'd 
Never  Let  You 


And  I  Never  Did


I   Said  I'd  Never  Let   You  


And   I   Always  Ment   It

If  You Didn't Have This

Chance Then I Never Did

Then You'll Always Find Me

Right There , Again




so i'll sing a melody
 and hope to
GOD she's listening
 sleeping softly while i sing.
 and i'll me your memories 

 your lullaby for all the times


hoping that my voice could get

it right 




" Gay Is Okay "

Homophobia scares me !

LOVE is LOVE no matter what gender it's with <3