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Quotes by BrokEnHearTed8804

YoU aSkEd HeR oUt ThE oThA DaY
WhEn ShE AiNt LuViN u LyK u WaNnA bE LuVeD
Ur A tHiNk Of Me N tRy N gEt Me bAcK
u ThInK uR gUnNa.. BoY u MuSt Be SmOkIn CrAcK
I gOt MaD hOeS hAtIn On Me
JuS cUz DeY jEaLoUs Of wUt DeY sEe
Ur ThE BiGgEsT pLaYa IíVe eVa SeEn
WhEn SoMeThInG DoEsNíT gO uR wAy u aLwAyS TuRn So GoD DaMn MeAn
WhEn YoU CoMe ThRu, YoU aLwAyS bE sAyInG ďCímOn GrL lEtíS GeT iT On.Ē
iíM LyK *NaHh*
FoR uR gAmEs iíM nOt GuNnA fAlL,
CuZ bAbY uR nOt PaCkiNg At AlL
*((.:.i*Ts ShOrT.. jUsT LiKe Ur TeMpEr.:.))*
FoR eAcH oThA wE'D Do NeThInG
iF sOmE1z TaLkIn sHt We'Ll pUt Up a FiTe
Me W/ HeR dAt AiNt RiGhT
iTz iMpOsSiBlE tO bReAk Us Up
mE n My gRrL aLy r FoReVa TytE
I KnOw MaD gRrLz HaTe On Me
LyStEn AlL ya HaTaZ I CaN B wHo I wAnA b
I aInT a StUpId HoE LyK u
I donít NeEd OtHa PpL aGrEeIn WiT wAt I dO
yAlL tHiNk I GoTz ErRyThIn..
DaT iM dIz NiCe GrRl w/ a SmIlE aLwAyZ oN hEr FaCe
I aInT dAt AiGhT.. YoU donít know Me At AlL
iN tHiS wOrLd I aiNt No My PlAcE
iM gEtTin HoLlAz FrUm CoAsT 2 CoAsT
WiT dA gRrLz I LuV tHa MoSt