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                             Don't you try to blame this on me,

Hi there c:
BrokenTwilight ^O^
I'm not your average person.
Heck, I don't even qualify as a person.
socially awkward, like the rest of internet.
I Love Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil asdfghjkl O.O

I have an unhealthy amount obsessions, (coughyoutuberscough)
I have a soft spot for Crabstickz, Kickthepj,
Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil
My favorite bands are:
Green day, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore and Muse.
I have MANY flaws. One of them being, my face. Another is my
eating obssession ._.
I play WAY to many video games and I spend WAY to much time scrolling through
My life is pretty screwed up. I leave everything last minute. I really need to stop procrastinating.
I love Pokemon.^O^ I have a soft spot for Jigglypuff, Meowth, charmander and the one and only
In short, I'm an obssessive Internet freak like the rest of humanity. I'm nothing special. I'm just kinda there...


Danisnotonfire | Amazingphil | Kickthepj | Crabstickz

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Quotes by BrokenTwilight

Comment your snapchat name below if you want someone to talk to :) 

Comment your snapchat name below if you want someone to talk to :) 
Old person: *walks slow*.
Old person: *buys car*
Old person: *drives slower*

Everyday is a gift, That's why they call it the present 

Format credit goes to julietechoecho
I'm a victim of my own symptom,

I am my worst enemy.

You're a victim of your symptom,
You are your worst enemy

Restless heart Syndrome- Green day

Format by Julietechoecho
Music: Oh hey, you like this music? Let's add a crappy rap solo.
Book: You like this character? Let's kill him.
Tv: You like this show? Lets cancel it.
Life: You like life? Let's ruin it.

I'm afraid of ending up alone

I like bananas, I like bananas
I like bananas   in the sunshine, sunshine
Sunshine bananas.
I likebananas , I like bananas,
On the moon. 
moon, moon, moon

Sunshine Bananas - Dan Howell

I'm sitting here watching Amazingphil on YouNow and eating oreo icecream
I've never been this happy in my life omg


Slowly turning up the volume on your headphones
When your parents are trying to talk to you