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All the broken things that I made
Hello (: I'm Brooke. Alright, I have a long story. I'm not so open about it.
I went to therapy to seek help. Honestly? It did not help me at all. I'm still a mess.
I remember the last time I cut. 12.19.12
I havent started this year. Hopefully I won't anytime sooner. I want a lot of people
to ask for my story. I'm not going to just give it my all. What else?
I'm 17, I'm looking for some new friends, I'm taken by a POPULAR dude,
weird, right?! lol. Okay, follow him. : TroyBrooke


Quotes by BrookeHenderson

I know. It's hard to go to school without getting picked on. But think why you choose to still go to school? Because you are so strong. You just don't believe into something so simple. I believe in you <3

it was such a battle I ever dealt with. I lost close people. Like someone I loved.
I thought it would be the best year, last year today. But that's what I say everyday. But this time,
I'm going to promise myself I'm going to be the best out of the battle I was going through for 12 years.
12. I won't make it 13.





they act like
they like you, and then they go ignore you and act as they don't know you.

*clicks some button*

"you killed a cat"










you know what  scares  me?
everytime I look into the mirror, there's an ugly girl.



  you left me

               WHEN I NEEDED YOU 

     the most.