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yeah i pretty much suck.

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So I was thinking,
Isn't it a great idea to take everyone in your school's twerking videos/vines/picture/etc and burn them onto a cd and label them. Then if someone makes you mad you can keep their cd in a safe place. Then in highschool in senior year find out what college they applying to, and send the twerking video/vine/picture/etc to the college.
ruining peoples lives since 2k12


That doesn't hurt now,
But in 2 weeks when I can't sleep at 2 am it will.

Laughed at a funeral.
Broken my laptop more than once.
Had my bathing suit top fall off. in public.
Gotten my period in my favorite underwear.
Gotten a lunch detention for laughing and talking to myself.
Cried for half an hour.
Spend time looking for my phone when it was in my hand.
Fallen down the stairs more than once because my socks.
Dropped my mascara in the tiolet.
Left my straightener on all day.
Burned myself with my straightener.
Gotten kicked out of class for laughing.
Lost over 50 dollars.
Cried more than once in a day.
Cried because my cramps hurt so much.
Gotten mad at people for no reason MANY times.
Tripped up the stairs.

And much more(;;;

If I know you there's a 110% chance I've stalked you and your whole family.

I wish this was a joke..



Short replies are the reason I can't sleep at night.


And things got again bad.

It's not even that bad things are happening anymore,

it's just I rather sit alone and not get up anymore.

Because when I do,

bad things happen.

And I can't sleep anymore,

It's not like last summer

it's worse. 

I stay up all day and night.

over anazyling everything and worrying and having panic attacks

and sitting in my closet to calm myself down.

But at least with this insomnia I've watched 4 seasons of gossip

girl in 3 weeks.

I mean people tell me to stay positive.


if your ever feeling down,
remember this was a real email I sent to my friend Kathleen in 5th grade.
Thanks i dove you ill always be nice to you cause your so awesome and
sweetie and so nice to me when i first got to school unlike anyone
else and i thought that i had no friends in the class BUT I WAS
TOTALLY WRONG NO JOKE i have never had a friend that saves me a spot
at lunch every day . thats why im never mean or mad at you.  your awesome and totally kool i dove you for
your bffl foraeaeaeaeaeaeaaeeaeaeaeeaeaeaeaeaeaaeeaeaeaeaeaaeaeeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeea+seven
Brrooke the awesome

*period ends*

Plays in the background,

i'm funny okay?
If I like you
there's a good chance i'll stalk you for the rest of my life 

just be thankful for right at this very moment
you do not have cramps.

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