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My Boyfriend is soon to be a Marine.. Nothings stopping him. I'm staying as strong as I can.. but two years is coloser than you think....

United States Marine Corps....
The Few. The Proud.

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All a country girl wants it a
Country blarin', Camo wearin, boot wearin , country guy that has a big heart & a big Truck!
Yeah that's what i want <3
why cant Luke Bryan, Brantely Gilbert and Jason Aldean do a striper movie?
United States Marine Corps

The Few. The Proud.
So my dad named our wifi:


Yeah, my dad's pretty cool
Diesel Tip #64

If you get caught driving your lady's truck, don't pretend that its yours. Instead brag about how freakin awesome she is.

In order to know what to
do and where to go, you
need to know where you
came from and why
you're here

Dont Try To Hurt Someone
on purpose if they hurt you
by accident



Life is 
but it
doesn't meanyou can't walk on it.

I'm not blonde anymore
☐ Single.
☐ Taken.
☑ Tired of getting hurt.