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My Boyfriend is soon to be a Marine.. Nothings stopping him. I'm staying as strong as I can.. but two years is coloser than you think....

United States Marine Corps....
The Few. The Proud.

Quotes by Browneyelover

Today is my
~Sweet 16~
It doesn't feel so sweet....
my boyfriend broke up with me this morning.
i still need more auestions fir my video! i only have 6! please, feel free to ask me anything!! Personal or Not!
~My Birthday is on Wednesday~
Is anyone still waiting for there first kiss?
I know i am.
And im Almost 16
Ask me Questions!
I'll answer them in a video!!
it could be anything! And I'll post the video on my page!
Demi is Brunette and has Bangs
Selena is back on Disney
Miley has been recording
Justin is single
Ladies and Gentleman.....
WE're back in 2009!!

I need to tell him... but im scared..
how do i tell my boyfriend that i cut?
i will feel really bad if he has to find out by himself...
Yes I have a Boyfriend
Yea, i still feel Inscure
yes, i Cut
yea i am still waiting for my first kiss
Those things were really random right? Ok. just proving that were all human. Good Day.
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