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My Boyfriend is soon to be a Marine.. Nothings stopping him. I'm staying as strong as I can.. but two years is coloser than you think....

United States Marine Corps....
The Few. The Proud.

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If American Idiot by Greenday doesn't make you want to trash your room and overthrow the government then idk what will
This quote does not exist.
most girls wanna ride off into the sunset on a white horse with prince charming
whereas I just wanna ride off into a muddy field at the crack of dawn on a four wheeler with prince awkward
This quote does not exist.

I would beg to differ.
I know of thousands beyond thousands
of "REAL MEN" that don't wear pink.
But instead, they were camouflage
and protect our contry.


The Wittians

They didn't fit in. It wasn't hard to tell from the reflection in the mirror that this place and this life wasn't meant for them. Witty, it was only a website until October 11 2014, the day when all the Wittians got a letter that only they could see. Every Wittian was automatically enrolled into The Witty Accademy and every year there were elections. Three people were elected from each major and only one of them went home. This tradition continued every year until 2016 when the Wiseman Steve was kidnapped and several other students were murderd. Who kidnapped Steve? Was it one of us? Or was it the outsiders?

If you happened to read this, I am going to write a story. The characters in my story are going to be real people on here. So if you want to be in it leave a name and spread the word :)


*only 30 favorite my


What ever happened to us?
We lost sight of what's important.
We lost ourselves.
I'm on my way to Tennessee singing Georgia on my mind. Six string laying in the seat won't keep me warm tonight.
Baby you're so perfect.