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Quotes by BryonyTheGreat

So my friend and i are trying to complete our bucket list and on of the things is to send a message in a bottle, which we are going to do tomorrow, but we want to have messages from lots of different people to go along with ours. So what im asking is if any of you wonderful people on here have any messages you would like to share so we can put them in our bottle! If you do then could you leave either your name and/or what country you are from. Thankyou :D
I Walk A Lonley Road, The Only One That I Have Ever Known. Dont Know Where It Goes, But Its Home To Me And I Walk Alone.
A while ago i asked my modern studies teacher if he liked the beatles, he said yes and asked me if i liked them, so i told him yes. So now he will be talking to the class and half way through his sentence he will throw in a beatles quote or a lyric of one of their songs and i am the only one who understands so i start laughing while the rest of the class is looking at me like im a maniac..
One died for power. Another for love. And the other treated death as an old friend.
You dont like my hair today ? Oh cool.
You dont like my make-up today ? Ok.
You dont like my clothes today ? Awesome.
Now remind me about all of this the next time i wake up in the morning to please you.
Its ok, i knew i would get forgotten about at some point.
Today would of been Mitch Lucker's 29th birthday. RIP Mitch.
I really dont know who i like better..
Not realising how much you like him