Status: In the beginning, one soul split into two, creating soul mates. And ever the two shall wander seeking each other
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Hey I'm Ruby, 

Wishing upon a star that things would be diferent


I love my dog, she's my baby :3

A saying I have: Just let the rain pour and the glitter sparkle.


Ed Sheeran, One Republic, Bastille,
Macklemore, James Blunt, Eminem, and many others

My Dog and My best friend Amanda


Quotes by Bubbleboo


I like everything about him,
all of his floors, all of his imperfections...
his smile, his humour, how he says my 
I don't know how, but I suddenly fell in love..


In the beginning, one soul split into two, creating soul mates. And ever the two shall wander seeking each other. 


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God made heaven and earth, man and woman.

The rest.......

Made in China

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."
- Unknown


That  one  person  you  want  to  be  with,  yet  they cannot  be  there  next  to  you,  holding  you  tight.

Just because I am not responding does not mean I am not listening.
Just because I am quiet does not mean you automatically start talking to me.
Just because I am not the most beautiful or skinny girl does not mean you have the right to judge me.
Just because I work hard does not mean I am a nerd.
Just because I spend hours on my laptop does not mean I am messing around.
Just because I look like I am not doing anything does not mean you give me something to do.
Just because I do not like the same things as you does not make me 'gay'.
Just because I smile all of the time does not mean I am always happy.
Just because I say I do not want him does not mean I do not long to be held in his arms.
Just because I say I am fine does not mean I actually am.
You do not understand me, do not make assumptions.


Girls and guys, you should not let anyone make you feel like a piece of

dirt. You have the right to be treated with some respect and dignity. If

anyone makes you feel like dirt, stand up to them and tell them that you

do not like it when they speak to you that way or tell someone else

about it, they can help you find a way to deal with the issue. You do not

need to keep it to your self and suffer from it, as many do. Find help,

no matter how much you may not want to ask. Just do it, someone will

help you. But it's up to you to try.

Every girl wants that fairytale dream to come to life. To be swept off her feet by a dashing prince and fall head over heels in love. But love is not always that easy,

love is complicated.

But when you find that someone special, someone who loves you through the good and the bad and loves you for who you really are. The person that you can't get out of your head, someone who treats you with the respect you deserve...that is when you know your prince has finally come.


I find it kind of annoying how people dont write using proper grammar. It doesnt make much sense. I thought that since this is a quote site that people would use proper spelling and grammar. I know some people are young and cant spell and all that or that some have learning difficulties. But you guys could still use spell check or something.