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Hey Gorgeous/Handsome.I'm Jenna. I'm you typical teenage girl. I am 13 years young. I am turning 14 on May 18th! Volleyball, Photography, and Singing keep me going! I would not be who i am today without my wonderful friends and family. Wanna know anything else? Hit Me Up! I'd love to chat! 

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Quotes by Bubbles98

I dont know if i can do it anymore
I'm Alone Again
dont you understand it my feelings your playing with?
Beauty Isn't Makeup
sometimes i wish i could disapear, and whatch to see who noticed i was gone.
I wish you liked me like i like you</3
What if im never good enough for anyone?
i hope someday youll find all my qoutes, all my words, and read them all. i hope you will know that they are all about you.

IBig or small lies are still lies


i sometimes wonder why i even bother.