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i am simply complicated.

Quotes by wall-e*

that was right before it all started to fall apart.
everyone has at least one song that they never want to end.
those occasional 5 seconds of you and your crush staring right into each others eyes..i think i might be insane because of how much i think of them.
i miss it so much. it left a hole in my heart when i left. but next time it wont be the same. thats the sad thing.
no, really. i'm fine. it's okay, go have fun. tomorrow i'll just put on another fake smile. it will be like these tears never even existed

the girls are getting sick of
huffing glue up in the bathroom
while their boyfriends pick up chicks
they dont have to understand how i feel, i just want them to know how i feel. i'm just too scared to tell them.
sometimes when your're sad, no one cares.
sometimes when you cry, no one sees.
sometimes when you leave, no one notices.
but fart just one time.
i'm pretty sure if the little kid me met the present me, they would be like "I WOULD NEVER DO THOSE THINGS!" i've changed a lot.
i hate tuesdays.
they're a way of saying "yes, you really have to be here all week."