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somebody boring tell em'


It's times  like this... 
You raise your middle finger
 and let that    b a s t a r d     know you're    p i s s e d . 

Alarm clocks... 
Because every morning should start off
 with a nice heart attack...

Im sexy rachel ;)

jk this is adriana, left ur witty open again, silly girl ;o

ttyl xoxooxoxox


I wasn't that drunk..." 

"Dude, You were yelling 'never ' at my 

Justin Bieber Poster!"


I wasn't that drunk..."

"Dude,  you got my pet hamster, 

threw its across the floor and said

PIKACHU  I choose YOU !"

Cool story bro, but in which chapter do you
 S  h  u  t   t  h e  f  u  c  k   u  p.

-The awkward moment-

when you accidently "like" something during Facebook stalking...

I am never wrong 
when i'm not right,

 I'm left.

For the first ten years
 of some girls lives,
   h e y p l a y w i t h b a r b i e s
then for the next 

ten years, try
  t o l o o k l i k e o n e. .