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You can bandage the damage.
                                     But you never really can fix a heart.
Hi there gorgeous.
I'm  Brooklyn, and am just like any other girl trying to figure out her place
in this world all while holding on to being young as long as possible. Demi Lovato
is my inspiration and she means a lot to me. Music is my best friend. Kraft macaroni and cheese is not though. I'm extremely stubborn and stuck up, and am very opinionated and could come off as harsh to the naked eye, but once you get to know me I'm not that bad. Feel free to leave a comment, I haven't found a way to bite anyone through a laptop so you're safe. (;


Quotes by Buki


Does this sound like a helicopter?

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If I see another story/fanfiction about One Direction I think I'm going to snap.

Happy Birthday, Demi...

You are a huge inspiration to millions of girls. You're such a beautiful and strong girl. You mean so much to girls all around the world. Thank you.

We hope that your twentieth birthday is amazing, I hope that you not only have a happy birthday, but a happy year.
Life isn't about how long you live.

It's about how well you live it.
I don't care if it was meant to be funny.

There are some things you don't joke about, no matter what
I remember when I first joined witty, and got excited over getting 10 favorites on a quote.
You can't please everyone
I'm not in a love triangle,
I'm in a love square.
With me, my bed, my computer, and food.
It's a complicated relationship.
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You're trying to smile it away
Some things you can't disguise

but I can try
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