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You can bandage the damage.
                                     But you never really can fix a heart.
Hi there gorgeous.
I'm  Brooklyn, and am just like any other girl trying to figure out her place
in this world all while holding on to being young as long as possible. Demi Lovato
is my inspiration and she means a lot to me. Music is my best friend. Kraft macaroni and cheese is not though. I'm extremely stubborn and stuck up, and am very opinionated and could come off as harsh to the naked eye, but once you get to know me I'm not that bad. Feel free to leave a comment, I haven't found a way to bite anyone through a laptop so you're safe. (;


Quotes by Buki

You know, my cat is always out getting other cats pregnant.
I think condom companies
should make condoms for cats
and call them Kittens No More.

No, I will not follow you back.

If that is the only reason you followed me, then I happily invite you to unfollow me.
No hot guys anywhere: Looks like I came out of a magazine.
Hot guys everywhere: Looks like I came back from the dead.
Beautiful mother + handsome father = me

Now, shouldn't I look like
a model instead of a mammoth?

You need to leave a girl alone to break down
because she needs her space

You need to never leave her side.
because you have no clue what she's
thinking, or how much she needs someone right now.

Its just a matter of figuring
out when to do which.


Yes, wi t t y has changed.

Instead of complaining and making five million quotes about it, and spamming Steve's comments, why don't you thank him for working so hard to solve our problems? Or just making witty for us. Why can't some of you just be grateful for what you have?

Thank you for witty Steve, I for one love the new change, and I love witty. Thank you for making it, and thank you for working hard to keep it running.

Crying so hard,
for so long,
that no more
will come out.

It kind of sucks

when you find out that who you thought was your
best friend, turns out to be just another jerk that doesn't really care about you at all.

Smiling but
we're close


format credit to heyystories

That annoying moment when
you have a mouthful of food and
someone asks you a question.

format by buki
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