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So, um...hi? I'm Layla.

I've been in this world for 15 years and I'm not too sure if I like this place yet.
I'd be lying if I said I cut the cake on April 11th 'cause I'm pretty much eating cake
all the time. But April 11th...that's my one-year-closer-to-death day, or birthday,
as some people like to call it. :D

I'm single but I'm unfortunately too awkward to mingle...it's too much effort anyway.
I used to worry what people thought about me, but now I've realised that there's no
point; no matter what you do, someone will hate you for it and someone will
love you for it.

I'm from Derbyshire, England. Congratulations if you know where it is...you've successfully
found the most boring place on Earth.

I, like many other teenage species, am crepuscular. Google it.

I'm slightly atelophobic, but then, who isn't?

I'm shy.
But that doesn't mean I'm boring.

I am an underdog. A fangirl. A wallflower. People like me are 'the kids' in the poem 
'Here's to the Kids' by Pete Wentz.
You should Google that too, because that poem made me realise that it's ok to be true
to yourself, regardless of the malicious, idealistic sh*t that society tricks us into calling perfection.
I'm just your regular, quiet awkward potato who sits at the back of the classroom
amongst the other, more exotic vegetables of schooldom. I guess you could call me a geek.
I dream big, worry often and rock out always :)
Music is my life.
Pierce The Veil | Sleeping With Sirens | Fall Out Boy | Panic! At The Disco | All Time Low | My Chemical Romance
Nirvana | 
NeverShoutNever | You Me At Six | Breathe Carolina | Blink-182 | Paramore | Metro Station
Red Hot Chili Peppers | Funeral For A Friend | Green Day | Falling In Reverse | Mallory Knox
  Good Charlotte | Bring Me The Horizon | Halestorm | Biffy Clyro | Metallica
The Stiff Dylans | Tonight Alive | I See Stars | The Summer Set

I don't idolise anyone in particular, but there's a few people in this cruel world who've
inspired me for various reasons and I truly believe that they've changed me as a person. I respect
them more than they could imagine.

Kellin Quinn
 Vic Fuentes
Pete Wentz
Christofer Drew
Kurt Cobain
Patrick Stump
Kriss Kyle
John Green
Oliver Sykes
Gerard Way
Emma Zentner
Butch Walker
Shrinidhi Prakash
Beth 'McGuinness'

Enough about me, let's talk about you now.

I'm sure we'll get along just fine.
If you ever want to chat (or vent) feel free...I think I'd like to listen to what you have to say. Especially if it
involves Kellin Quinn and a unicorn.

Just comment on my profile...ask me anything; I'll try not to bite but if I do, I'm really sorry.

Now press that little follow button to make all your dreams come true...please don't be just another stranger.

I'll always follow back, and if you need help, please just ask me <3
Thanks, guys, if you read to the end of this.
You're awesome.


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Quotes by BulletproofLove

Don't try to fight the storm;
You'll tumble overboard.

This year, I've seen more 'I hate New Year, New Me' statuses than actual 'New Year, New Me' statuses.
We are officially a generation of cynics.



Sometimes you've got to
before you





I'm scared to get close,
I hate being alone,
I long for that feeling to not feel at all.

The higher I get,
the lower I sink,
I can't drown my demons; they know how to swim.


                    Hello there,
The angel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue...

        Ever since this began

            I was blessed with a curse
What a waste of a perfectly good, clean wrist;
You were screaming 'til the police came.
I'm just a
would've been, could've been, should've been,

never was and never ever will be.

It's a colossal effort not to be haunted by what's lost,
but to be enchanted by what was.

My iPod is like a life support machine.

I'm constantly wired to it, adjusting it to suit my emotions and my pain.

It's always by my side, reminding me what there is to live for.

I rely on it to comfort me and pull me through the hard times.

And without it, I would probably be dead.