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my name's Jay and I'm pretty gay. hey, that rhymes.

Quotes by Butterbear

hey hello havent made a quote in months wow how are you guys.
don't recognize any of you.

        The worst things in life,

                                                  Come free to us.


     Just look at what you've done.










         Dont you dare forget the sun,

Me: *walks out of my room after a few hours*
My dad: Oh, look who decided to show up

Me: I came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

If you're ever having a bad day, just remember 
That I've pronounced Shane Dawson as Shawn Dason

Am I the only one who just-
- is in le car -
*puts in earbuds*
*turns up volumes really high*
*stares out le window, pretending there is a concert
with all my favorite fictional characters*

Mom: Hopefully I can see you tomorrow :)
Me: Yeah c: <3
Mom: I MISS YOUR FACE!! <3 :)
Me: I know, I'm just that fabulous
Mom: Yes...yes you are
Me: All the cats in town want me to be their owner that's how fabulous I am
Mom: I'm worried about you
Me: You're becoming aware

People don't take self harmers seriously. They don't realize how much pain they are in.
In fact, they underestimate how much pain they are in. Don't you realize how upset a person
has to be to drag a razor across their skin? Don't you realize how miserable a person must
to lock themselves away somewhere and burn themselves? Don't you realize how cheerless
someone must be to raise their hand in the air and slam it against their body, time and time
again, until they are covered in bruises?

No, you don't.

You shouldn't joke about things like that. You shouldn't overlook people who do that to
themselves. You should help them. Don't disrespect those people, they are quite obviously
in so much pain.

Don't tell them to do it. Don't tell them it doesn't mean anything. They do it as a release,
for that moment they forget all their problems, everything, all they can focus on is inflicting
the pain. It's terrible...it's saddening..it's self harm..

Those two words.

Self harm.

They're actually quite powerful if you really go into it. They are so miserable that they turn
to harming themselves to get away from it all.

Self harm isn't a joke. Don't treat it like one.

Exactly one year ago,
I clicked join and made my account
here. It's weird, that it's already been
this long I mean. I honestly don't know
where I'd be if it weren't for Witty

s h i p s
unrealistic relationships that you love
so much but causes you so much pain
and misery forcing you to scream "MY
FEELS!" while sliding out of your chair
because it never comes true even
though it's so obvious it should.