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my name's Jay and I'm pretty gay. hey, that rhymes.

Butterbear's Favorite Quotes

i like cats


i miss seeing people liike blackbutterflies, jimmy365, butterbear, and chocotaco and like wayyy more ppl on here

where did everyone go :( 

nah mom I went to bed 4 hours ago I just woke up to go to the bathroom



"I love books. I love that moment when you open one up and sink into it, you can escape from a world, into a story that's way more interesting than yours will ever be."- Elizabeth Scott

Oh God i'm sick of sleeping alone.


I went to sleep thinking about you 

and I woke up just the same




"I see dead people"

By the time she decides to say she's sorry...
the damage is already done.
This quote does not exist.
How to ask a band obsessed person out:

-Don't panic but I think it is Common Courtesty to tell you how I Feel about you, my love for you is Sempiternal and The drug in me is you. I would Stand up and scream your name til my voice would Collide with the sky. You are Restoring force of my love for you everytime we talk because I hope our love last til we go to The other side. If anyone is a Challenger to me, it will be a Wretched and Divine fight. It's my Best intentions to treat you right, will you be mine?