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Hi my name is Cindy! I help people with advice so please ask whenever. And check out my other account: Teen_Advice

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35% One Direction Stuff
30% Things off  Facebook/Tumblr
10% Actually Funny
15% Rants/Talking about their life/That awkward moment...
10% Drama
0% Of how much I understand you guys
Hey guys! I'm back again checking up on everything. How's yall been?
Hey you guys! Might not care, but I will be leaving witty. This isn't forever. I will come back maybe a couple months, but that will be all. I will also no longer administer Teen_Advice, but PLZ check it out! Maybe I will talk to you guys?..Bye :)

Ok so I need some help from you tech people out there!
I think I want a different profile...Can someone help?
   My goal in life is to give advice to people
I want to make people truely happy with my help 
I just love when people tell me that my work really changed them 
It makes me feel proud of myself. 
Even if I can't feel how happy I make them
I will know that I have effected people in a way
that makes them a better person
That is what makes it all worth it...

"You can acheive whatever you want in life, if you try. There really is no limits. The only limit is your own doubt. Don't doubt. It only leads to failure"
Pedophile:I have candy, get in the van


Pedophile:The van has wifi


                Even if I have nothing to do, homework is not an option....

OMG!!! So I saw this today:


*dead* No, but thank you!! I finally got top quotes!!! :D

Me:Can you please grow?

Hair:Lol No.


Stomach: OKAY! :)