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Quotes by CHeLliBoFeLli

when you left...
you took me with you...
even tho im not by your side..
im not here either...
you dont make me
feel special anymore
you dont make me
Feel pretty anymore
you dont make me
fell like you care anymore
I guess you dont make me
feel like...ME anymore
its hard to sit and wait around..
for something taht will never happen
i want you to tell me you miss me
how you can go on without me
remebering how it used to be
remebering the good in it...
i guess i have found..
that you just cant..
Change the past
there will always be
a million tears
a million dreams
a million wishes...
wishing you were there
as i sit in reminice...
Of being held in your arms
i thought you said you'd wait around
it hurts to breath...
when things just dont seem right