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i hate the new layout, but ill update my profile soon kkkkkkkkkkkk

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  One Direction- Are a BOYband. They Are  Not A BAND, A Band, is either a mixed group who can ALL Play instruments, last time i checked only Niall can play a instrument?; guitar.
Little mix; GIRL BAND
the beatles; BAND!
JSJS, i Like one direction, infact i love them:)

If You Have Ever Tried To Pronounce 'ASDFGHJKL' Your cool but if your CLEVER You would have gone on google translate and listened to the person saying it?o.o

Im Going to be making profiles!o.o there not going to be all intirely done by me.. ill be using websites aswell. want one?.. just ask!;D Leave me a comment in my gb and ill get back to you A.S.A.P!

Lazy rule:
If it's not on the first page of Google, it doesn't exist .

I Like Your Make-up, JOKE! It looks like you got gang-banged by crayola!:D((_____Crayola_____))>
Stupid, Is When..
You Spend 18 hours, trying to drown a fish!o.o
I need a witty best friend!0.o
Someone who I can talk to like every day, a lot. Somebody who is crazy!:'D
Anyone? Comment :)

Me:Please Dont See Me,
Please Dont See Me,
Please Dont See Me,

Geeky Kid From Math: "Heyyyy!"
Me: Sh&#it.

One direction story! Jessica was packing her bag for school the next day, as her phone rang. It was her best mate, courtney. She could only just make out what she was saying.. "OMG OMG OMG I GOT US TICKETS TO GO SEE ONE DIRECTION, IN NEW YORK TOMORROW!!!!" They both screamed down the phone to eachother. But then jess remembered, she had exams:/ "i can't go, exams" sobbed jess. "Dont worry! Miss em!" Bellowed Court "Come over mine, in about half an hour" joyfully said court. Jess Hung up the phone and packed all she could, clothes,make-up,pens,paper,shoes,toiletries and a brush. She left a note for her dad to find, reading: dear dad, I've gone to new york with courtney to see one direction. I'll be missing my exams, I'll call you when I get there. Love jess xx . She set off for courtneys house. Chapter 2?? 2 faves and 2 comments

Stay Strong!;')

Demi Did!o.O

                    If   You   Ever   Feel Like Your Nothing, Alone  , Your      Self     Harming, Or You Struggle From   a   Illness

Remember, Demi Has And Is Still Going  Through It, Shes Going Through It.

Listennn To Her  Album, Unbroken.

It Helped Me And Many Others Get Through Alot!