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Quotes by Cailym

I dont know what I did to make people hate me.
But I did.
And they broke me and my boyfriend up.

Why me?
First day of highschool was perfect ;]

In class I..: Sat their with my arms folding thinking, hate you, your ugly etc. And not talking
Outside: Runs around screaming head off

I actually gt asked if I was
My dad called me a pimple faced freak,
It hurt.
hmm.... i've been thinking bout you, coz ive missed u sooo muchhh, and thinking if how beautiful you are in side and out! :]

This is what the guy I like TOLD me.
He also said Hows my pinky
I died
Love is not Questioned.
Its known
It scares me how much I like
I began talking to my crush once
My friends kept telling me to shut up
I ignored them and laughed them off
Afterwards they told me I looked like I had a tomato Smashed into my face.
I died.
Bras are like
Boob warmers
.: I Met Him On Omegle :.

His name was Pewdiepie
I almost. Died

He told me I was beautiful.
He told me I was worth a million dollars.
I stayed up until 5 am falling in love.
He made sure I had no more contact with him.
I felt my heart break.