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I want a witty best friend♥

 fun to talk to
someone to share secrets with
and will be there when needed
hittm e up if you want a wiitty best friend<3
Confession #4
Four weeks ago I met a boy. He screwed up, asked me to forgive. I forgave, and got screwed over. 
Confession #3
Guys from other schools seem to love me, but I get no attention from guys in my school. I wish I knew whats wrong with me. 
Confession #2

I haven't gone through a bad breakup before, but anytime I come close to a relationship with someone, the fear of being hurt holds me back. 
Confession #1

It took me until 8th grade to find a group of friends I can actually trust. I would trust them with the world. 

for every fave I'll post a confession♥

                                 Its okay to look back, but don't stare.
                                 Remeber the past, but don't live in it.
Don't forget your mistakes,
learn from them. 

Hey guyss i was wondering if i could have some help...
So I met this guy who lives in another town at a halloween like haunted place. we hung out all night and held hands and he got my number at the end. He asked to hang out next weekend. I really liked him that night bc he was so funny and nice and cute. 
 he texts me and says im so cute and hot and do I have a boyfriend blah blah like all these nice things about how he chased me down in the park bc he didnt want me to get away. Now he keeps asking me to send him pics and hook up and how far id go with him. Its creeping me out but I thought he was a really good guy when we met bc he was like on 3 sports teams, is against weed, and his dads a surgeon, and he was really funny. Now idk what to do. he like wants me so bad and ive never been in this situation beforee. What do I do? I feel so wierd but I dont know. :/


^Don't know if its on here but I made itt sorry if I made one like someone elses! fave if you likee (:
M.J, dead. Farrah Fawsett, dead. Ed Mcmahon, dead. Bad things come in threes. what is going on here??????