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Hi there, I'm Ashleigh. Not Ashley, Ashleigh.
I'm 17 years old and yessir live in California.
I absolutely love poetry & playing the piano.
Coffee, winter, sweaters, boots, scarves =
As you can tell, I hate summer oh so  much.
It's the only downside of residing in California.
I love various kinds of music,  mainly bands.
Rise Against has got to be my favorite band.
I love taking pictures of well,  anything really.

Ask me questions. I'll be glad to answer. Bai.
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Enhance 9 years ago
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Hey gorgeous, how are you doing? Is life treating you well? (:
I put up a few fitness quotes. Sorry for taking so long to notify you :$ I've been really busy, so it'd be much much easier if the people that signed up for witty bootcamp could just follow me :s
NOTE: Spent extra time on your profile, because I LOVE the song c:
Cali4nia 9 years ago
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Followed! And yay I do too. Haha :D
doggo* 1 decade ago
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San Francisco (: