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Hi there, I'm Ashleigh. Not Ashley, Ashleigh.
I'm 17 years old and yessir live in California.
I absolutely love poetry & playing the piano.
Coffee, winter, sweaters, boots, scarves =
As you can tell, I hate summer oh so  much.
It's the only downside of residing in California.
I love various kinds of music,  mainly bands.
Rise Against has got to be my favorite band.
I love taking pictures of well,  anything really.

Ask me questions. I'll be glad to answer. Bai.
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Witty Bootcamp
If you'd like to post about your workouts or some sort of food diary but want to do it in a quote tag it with wittybootcampenhance and I'll see it! (:


Snack of the day
Sandwich time!
I love sandwiches SO much, I just cant go without them.
I really really love goat cheese. A LOT. But it can be pricey so I don't get to have it a lot..
When I get to, though, I treat myself to a nice wholewheat bagel with some goatcheese and grilled red bell peppers (which i usually hate), and just take it to school or have it at home. It really makes me happy.. (total food addict)

What TV shows do most of you watch? I'm thinking about setting up a workout for some tv shows that you can do whilst watching them (:


"Strive for progress, not perfection."

For the witty bootcampers:
A little update
on how I'm doing, since we're all together on this!
Yesterday I started working out and didn't finish, I went out with my boyfriend and my grandmum to do grocery shopping .-. It was fun, though (: It's the first time we hung out outside of school in a month, since we had both travelled on holidays and school started last monday for us :I But it's okay, I'll just work out today, it's not the end of the world (:


Remember to breathe at a pace, deep breaths, and not shallow (:

30 Lateral steps & pulls
30 Slow rocking butt kickers
30 High knee pulls
40 Standing torso twists
60 Second jog in place
20 Bodyweight Squats
60 Second boxer shuffle
20 Cross-toe touches
30 Squats and jumps
40 Single Leg Raises (20 reps per leg)
15 Knee Push-ups
10 Crunches
15 Reverse crunches
30 Jumping Jacks

Have fun! (:
Tell me how you did! Comment here or on my page (:


Commercial Workout

Every time there is a makeup advertisement:
10 Jump Squats.

Every time there is a department store advertisement:
(10 Reps per leg) Single leg lifts

Every time there is an electronic ad:
(20 Reps per leg) Single leg lift pulses

Every time there is a TV show ad:
(20 second) static squat

Every time there is a movie ad:
10 crunches.


Staying Healthy: Fitness Advice


Rules & Tips
1. Drink at least 8 tall glasses of water per day.
If you don't like water, you can make green tea (without sugar) and keep it in the fridge or make fruit-infused water (really simple, just google it!)
2. Have a decent breakfast.
3. Eat protein in every single meal.
4. Try to eat apples and/or berries every day.
5. Stay motivated: Don't do it because you have to - do it because you want to.
6. Avoid late-night snacking. Your metabolism slows down at night, so your food will turn into fat to store rather than fat to burn.


"It feels better to say 'I did it' than to say 'I give up'."

For the witty bootcampers:
Okay, so since it's our first day, I'll give you a bit of everything.
I only have a few basic rules for you before we start:
Always have water with you.
Do it properly, but at your own pace.

20 Lateral steps & pulls
20 Slow rocking butt kickers
20 High knee pulls
30 Standing torso twists
60 Second jog in place
10 Bodyweight Squats
60 Second boxer shuffle
10 Cross-toe touches
20 Squats and jumps

Technically these are warm-ups, but the intensity will increase daily!
Also, because of the timezones, I will post the exercises for tomorrow tonight.

When you snack
I want you to snack healthy. Remember to have a nice breakfast (I LOVEE wholewheat bagels or bread with tomato and cottage cheese), but as for snacks I have a few suggestions for you, try to follow those over the weekend instead of grabbing that bag of doritos /drools

1. Tomato slices with feta cheese, a bit of olive oil and maybe some black pepper on top.
2. Baked sweet potatoes (
3. In starbucks, get the tall skinny latte. If you're like me and love the vanilla late, just ask for them to add some vanilla onto your skinny! (:
4. BANANAS. You can also make this sort of egg & banana only pancakes.
5. Fruit flavoured yoghurts (I really like activia or dannon's light & fit)
6. Avocado! I love crushing avocado, adding a bit of lemon to it and just having it like that! You can also add it to your sandwiches if you want, it tastes fa-bu-lous.

I'll post more later! I'm going out!
I'm here for you if you need anything (:



Witty Bootcamp
Okay, so since you were all basically working towards the same goal,
I decided to put you all in one big group!
We will all be working (including myself) towards getting a more toned body!


If your name isn't on the list above, you can still join us on the work outs, of course.
But these people are the ones who I will check in on on their profiles, etc.

I will post the work outs this afternoon right before I work out, so we can do it together (it will be morning for people in the U.S and afternoon (ish) for most people in Europe), I'm going out to school right now so I don't have much time. :/

Also, I'll notify you all whenever I post a workout but it'd be so much easier if you could follow me so that I don't have to go profile by profile saying "Exercises are up!" Every day :3
If not, it's cool though (:

If you have any questions or anything feel free to comment on my profile, I'll do my best to help you (:

We're working towards healthy, not skinny. We're working towards self-confidence, not towards acceptance from society.


If i lay here 
would you
lie with
me &just

w    o    r    l    d    ?

Just me?
     Does anyone else subconciously give letters and numbers a gender?
     Like 3 is such a feminine number while 1 is definitely masculine, AM I RIGHT.
     And then G is a girl of course while O is a boy, you feel me?
God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Madam and Eve
This quote does not exist.
I don't wish, I pray. 
I don't have a genie, I have God. 

Don't forget God in your life. He is the key to salvation.
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Step 2: Fill in the "Search Now!" box.
Step 3: Read some of the bios.
Step 4: Laugh your butt off.