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Well, hi there! I see you've came across my profile and decided to read this to find out more about my crazy life. Well, my name is Carina. Most people just call me Nina. I'm 13 years young. I smash my face in the cake on December 30th. I am in love with music, Austin Mahone, One Direction, witty, tumblr (, basketball, texting, shopping and my hilarious, amazing friends. Speaking of friends, a lot of mine are here, on witty! Their usernames are, Abi: JustDreaming, Colleen: Colleen_Mary, and Lexie: LEXIExTAYLOR. Go and follow them! I'm really friendly and I love talking to everyone. Espically you! Comment something and we could become best friends! Hit the follow button and I swear I'll love you forever. I'll follow you back too!

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Making humans look like idiots since 2002

*Mom hands me phone to answer*
Me: Hello?
Telemarketer: Hello, is your mother home?
Me: I have no mother.
Her: Well can I speak to your father?
Me: Yeah, which one?
Her: Which one is home?
Me: Well they're both home..but I don't think you want to talk to Carlos. He just went through a breakup with his boyfriend, Antonio.
Her: Oh, so your fathers' names are Carlos and Antonio?
Me: No, no! My fathers' names are Carlos and Mark.
Her: So who's Antonio?
Me: I just told you, Carlos's ex.
Her: So Carlos was cheating?
Me: Yes, but that's only because Mark was cheating with Edith, our neighbor.
Her: So Carlos cheated only because Mark cheated?
Me: No, he THOUGHT Mark was cheating.
Her: So Mark wasn't cheating?
Me: I never said that.
Her: Yes, yes you did!
Me: No I didn't.
Her: Y-yes! You did!
Me: Did what?
Her: Y-you-Nevermind have a nice day, goodbye.

My mom's reaction=priceless.
This quote does not exist.


you stop making mistakes,

is the minute you stop learning


                                                          - Miley Cyrus


- OneDirection



Am I the only one??
who wants to die,
be dead for like a day,
see how everyone
then come back to life.



   My boyfriend was mad at me
When i gave him a note about how sorry i was
He look at me saying
"Chelsea It's fine," And pushes the note away from him
Then Grabs my hand and holds:")
 I Don't Know what i would do without him<3


 Convo with my boyfriend
Me:Do you ever think of a future with me?

Him:Ha well somehow you cam up in prom cause me and my friends were talking bout it cause everybody wanted to meet u and i was like junior prom, they asked that long? and i said that long, thats not that long and there like how long you want to be with her? And i said i would marry this girl:) and idk sometime i think bout having that perfect house for the both of us what we both wanted where we wanted alotta land and animals and maybe a son.and just being happy with you and being with you as much and  long as i could<3
*i was so happy it was the cutest thing ever<3*









Before someone gets
their drivers license they should have to beat Rainbow Road on Mario Kart without falling off.

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Follow your heart
 but take   your brain with you.